Wes Janson, sw0729


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Year released: 2016

Appears in set 75098-1, Assault on Hoth- UCS


Wes Janson was a human male pilot from Taanab who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Janson was to have flown in the Battle of Yavin as Red Six, but was grounded prior to the battle and replaced by Jek Porkins, who died in the conflict. Around 3 ABYLieutenant Janson participated in the Alliance's defense of their base in the Battle of Hoth, serving as a gunner for Wedge Antilles, who was piloting a T-47 airspeeder in Rogue Squadron.

During the battle, he was the first member of Rogue Squadron to successfully take down an Imperial walker with the harpoon and tow cable gambit devised by Commander Luke Skywalker.

Following the battle, Janson boarded an X-wing starfighter and, along with Antilles, went on to escort the transport the Bright Hope away from Hoth.

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