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United Brick Co is one of the world's largest building brick toy stores. We have a massive selection of LEGO® products of all types, shapes and sizes. We have huge storefront locations in Newnan, GA (Atlanta Brick Co) and Longwood, FL (Orlando Brick Co, now open as of April 1st, 2024!). Our operations center is in our original location which is in Newnan, GA, just 30 minutes south of the Atlanta Airport. 

Since opening in 2015, Atlanta Brick Co has grown from a humble storage warehouse to one of the premier LEGO® fan destinations in the United States! Customers travel from all over the world to shop our selection and have the experience of surrounding themselves with thousands of LEGO® sets as old as the 1950's to the current lineup of retail sets.

Being a one-of-a kind store, we offer a totally unique experience compared to the traditional LEGO® retail store. Instead of relying on only the latest sets for our inventory, we sell anything LEGO® from any period in the history of the world's most popular toy. 

We have thousands of new and certified complete pre-owned LEGO® sets, a gigantic selection of minifigures from every theme ever produced, bulk LEGO® at some of the best prices anywhere, custom accessories and custom printed items, exclusive clothing and gear, and so much more!

Who are we? Owners Chris & Ed have been selling toys online since the late 90's and selling at conventions since the 80's. They met for the first time at New York Comic Con and realized they lived within 5 miles from each other in Newnan, GA.  With Chris' expertise, brains, knowledge, education, charisma and stamina and Ed's wit, they combined their online sales efforts and opened a warehouse for online distribution in 2015 focusing on LEGO® products. They decided to open their warehouse up to the public and from there it turned into what is now one of the world's largest selection of LEGO®!

Managers Joe, Daniel, Randi and Mark help keep the many departments of the store running smoothly. Joe manages the sales floor, the website, the shipping department. Randi manages the T-shirt Printing side of the business, set inventoriers(not a real word) and back-end. Daniel manages the sorters, parts inventory, and commission building, and any classic LEGO® Themes, and is everyones back-up, while Mark manages the social media accounts, and YouTube Channel. If you see them in the store don't forget to ask for their employee trading card!

Orlando Brick Co is the latest location to be added to the United Brick Co lineup. This store located in Longwood FL and has just opened as of April 1st, 2024. Orlando Brick Co will be larger than its sister store in Atlanta and will feature some incredible LEGO® models on display. 

Most of our inventory is now available on our website, (You are here!) but we still have individual pieces for sale on our Bricklink StoreWe are working on adding all of the parts onto our website! We have already added thousands! A lot of our products are sold or traded to us from fans like you! if you have anything LEGO® that you might want to sell or trade check out our Selling and Trading page. 

If you are interested in our location or would like to reach out to us please see our Contact Us page.

if you would like to get a feel for our store from the comfort of your own home check out this great tour video from our friends at Beyond The Brick.