Lego(R) Ninjago

Lego(R) began making Ninjago Minifigures in 2011. To search specific categories use the Filter by link below or call 470-414-2208 to see if we have any specific minifigures in stock. You can order over the phone!
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garmadon's dark fortress garmadon's volcano lair garmatron gen035 general kozu general machia ghost ghost ninja attila ghost ninja hackler ghost ninja howla ghost warrior cowler ghost warrior pitch ghost warrior wail ghost warrior wrayth ghost warrior yokai giant stone warrior ginkle Golden Dragon Master golden mech gravis griffin turner guy hands of time harumi hausner he LEGO Ninjago Movie hero nya hunted hunted: dragon masters ice dragon attack ice tank iron baron iron baron foil pack ivy walker Jamanakai Villager jay jay and lloyd's velocity racers jay dx Jay foil pack Jay foil pack #1 jay foil pack #5 jay foil pack #7 jay hero jay vs. eyezor blister pack jay vs. lasha blister pack jay vs. lasha foil pack jay walker one jay zx jay's cyber dragon jay's electro mech jay's elemental dragon jay's storm fighter jay- dragon master jelly jet jack journey to the skull dungeons jumping snakes polybag jungle dragon jungle raider jungle trap kai kai drifter polybag kai fighter Kai foil pack #3 kai foil pack #7 kai hero kai vs. wyplash blister pack kai vs. wyplash foil pack kai's blade cycle kai's blade cycle and zane's snowmobile kai's dojo pod polybag kai's fire dragon kai's mini dragon polybag kai- dragon master kai- spinjitzu master kapau katana 4x4 katana v11 kendo cole kendo cole polybag kendo jay kendo kai kendo zane killow vs. samurai x krazi krazi blister pack kruncha kruncha blister pack krux kryptarium prison breakout land bounty lasha lasha's bite cycle lava falls legacy lightning dragon battle lightning jet lil' nelson lizaru lizaru polybag lloyd Lloyd DX Lloyd DX (Dragon eXtreme Suit) lloyd vs. ghost blister pack lloyd's journey lloyd's jungle chopper bike lloyd's quad bike polybag lloyd's titan mech lord garmadon lost temple luke cunningham mannequin Manta Ray Bomber march of the oni mask of deception Master Falls master of the mountain master wu dragon master yang maya mike the spike mindroid ming ming foil pack minifigure minifigure gift set Minifigure Gift Set (Target Exclusive 2014) minifigure pack blister pack misfortune's keep monastery of spinjitzu monastery training morro mountain shrine movie maker set (ninjago) mr. e muzzle mystake nails Nancy nindroid nindroid foil pack Nindroid MechDragon nindroid warrior ninja ambush ninja army building set blister pack ninja bike chase ninja db x ninja nightcrawler ninjacopter ninjago Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu - World of Ninjago - Official Guide ninjago 2019 minifigure set blister pack ninjago battle pack blister pack ninjago book ninjago character card shrine ninjago character encyclopedia- updated and expanded (hardcover)- 2016 edition ninjago city Ninjago City Chase ninjago city docks ninjago city gardens ninjago movie ninjago- sky pirates attack! 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the lighthouse siege the omega the samurai mech the temple of the ultimate weapon the ultra dragon the vermillion attack throne room showdown thunder keeper thunder keeper foil pack thunder raider tiger widow island time twin titan mech battle titanium dragon torben tournament of elements tournaments of elements training set turbo polybag ultra dragon Ultra sonic raider Ultra Stealth Bike ultra stealth raider ultra violet urban cole vermillion invader vermillion warrior vermillion warrior foil pack water strider weapon pack wu's battle dragon WU-CRU Target Training polybag wyplash wyplash blister pack x-1 ninja charger zane zane foil pack #4 zane hero zane's kendo training pod polybag zane's mino creature zane's titan mech battle zane- dragon master zugu
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