Lego(R) Collectible Minifigure Series (CMF)

Lego(R) came out with the Series 1 Collectible Minifigure blind bags in 2010. Back then you could tell who was in the blind bag by reading the barcode! Since then they have come out with a new series every few months. One of the many reasons these Minifigures are so collectible is that Lego(R) only released versions of certain elements with each Minifigure making them all unique!  To search specific categories use the Filter by link below or call 470-414-2208 to see if we have any specific minifigures in stock. You can order over the phone!
View all 5004939-1 5005255-1 5005256-1 71006-1 airplane girl alice alien alien villainess apache chief apocalypse benny apocalypseburg abe aquaman ariel athlete avengers infinity war awesome remix emmet babysitter bagpiper ballerina bandit bandmates banshee singer banshee singer- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) barbara gordon barbarian bart as bartman bartman- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) baseball player bat-merch batgirl bat-mite battle-ready lucy black vulcan brick suit girl bride bumblebee bumblebee girl bunny suit guy businessman butcher buzz lightyear cactus girl candy rapper catman cave woman caveman cheerleader cheetah chief wiggum chief wiggum- the simpsons- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) cho chang circus clown circus ringmaster claire dearing clan of the cave batman classic alien classic king clock king clockwork robot cmf col001 col002 col003 col004 col005 col006 col007 col008 col009 col01-1 col01-10 col01-11 col01-12 col01-13 col01-14 col01-15 col01-16 col01-2 col01-3 col01-4 col01-5 col01-6 col01-7 col01-8 col01-9 col010 col011 col012 col013 col014 col015 col016 col017 col018 col019 col02-1 col02-10 col02-11 col02-12 col02-13 col02-14 col02-15 col02-16 col02-2 col02-3 col02-4 col02-6 col02-7 col02-9 col020 col022 col023 col025 col026 col027 col028 col029 col03-1 col03-10 col03-11 col03-12 col03-14 col03-15 col03-16 col03-2 col03-3 col03-4 col03-5 col03-6 col03-7 col03-8 col030 col031 col032 col033 col034 col035 col037 col038 col039 col04-10 col04-11 col04-12 col04-13 col04-15 col04-2 col04-3 col04-4 col04-6 col04-7 col04-8 col04-9 col040 col041 col043 col045 col046 col047 col05-10 col05-11 col05-12 col05-14 col05-16 col05-2 col05-4 col05-5 col05-9 col050 col051 col052 col054 col055 col056 col057 col058 col059 col06-1 col06-10 col06-11 col06-12 col06-14 col06-15 col06-16 col06-3 col06-5 col06-6 col06-7 col06-9 col060 col061 col063 col066 col068 col069 col07-1 col07-11 col07-12 col07-14 col07-15 col07-16 col07-3 col07-4 col07-6 col07-7 col07-9 col073 col074 col075 col076 col078 col08-1 col08-11 col08-12 col08-14 col08-16 col08-2 col08-3 col08-4 col08-5 col08-6 col08-7 col08-8 col08-9 col080 col081 col083 col085 col086 col087 col09-1 col09-12 col09-14 col09-15 col09-16 col09-3 col09-4 col09-5 col09-6 col09-8 col09-9 col090 col091 col092 col094 col095 col096 col097 col099 col10-1 col10-10 col10-14 col10-15 col10-16 col10-2 col10-4 col10-6 col10-7 col10-8 col100 col102 col103 col105 col107 col108 col11-1 col11-11 col11-12 col11-13 col11-14 col11-15 col11-16 col11-2 col11-3 col11-4 col11-5 col11-7 col11-9 col110 col111 col112 col113 col114 col115 col116 col117 col118 col119 col12-1 col12-10 col12-12 col12-13 col12-15 col12-3 col12-4 col12-7 col120 col121 col123 col124 col126 col128 col129 col13-1 col13-13 col13-16 col13-3 col13-5 col131 col132 col133 col134 col136 col137 col14-11 col14-12 col14-13 col14-4 col14-9 col140 col142 col143 col144 col145 col146 col148 col15-1 col15-10 col15-11 col15-12 col15-15 col15-16 col15-3 col15-5 col15-6 col15-7 col150 col151 col152 col154 col158 col159 col16-1 col16-12 col16-16 col16-2 col16-3 col16-5 col16-8 col160 col163 col164 col165 col166 col167 col169 col17-1 col17-11 col17-12 col17-14 col17-2 col17-5 col171 col173 col174 col175 col176 col177 col178 col179 col18-11 col18-3 col18-9 col181 col182 col185 col188 col19-13 col19-6 col19-8 col19-9 col190 col191 col193 col195 col197 col199 col20-11 col207 col21-1 col21-11 col21-9 col210 col214 col219 col221 col222 col223 col228 col230 col232 col233 col234 col237 col238 col239 col242 col243 col244 col246 col248 col251 col255 col258 col286 col287 col290 col296 col297 col299 col314 col320 col322 col331 col332 col334 col335 col336 col337 col347 col349 col350 col354 col368 col382 col384 coldis-10 coldis-11 coldis-12 coldis-13 coldis-17 coldis-18 coldis-3 coldis-5 coldis-6 coldis-7 coldis-9 cole colhp colhp-1 colhp-13 colhp-3 colhp-4 colhp-6 colhp-7 colhp-8 colhp-9 colhp01 colhp03 colhp04 colhp06 colhp07 colhp08 colhp09 colhp13 colhp2 colhp2-1 colhp2-15 colhp2-3 colhp2-4 colhp23 colhp25 colhp26 colhp35 colhp37 collectible colsh colsh-1 colsh-11 colsh-12 colsh-14 colsh-16 colsh-3 colsh-4 colsh-5 colsh-6 colsh-8 colsh-9 colsh01 colsh03 colsh04 colsh05 colsh06 colsh08 colsh09 colsh11 colsh12 colsh14 colsh16 colsim colsim-10 colsim-12 colsim-15 colsim-16 colsim-4 colsim-6 colsim2 colsim2-1 colsim2-10 colsim2-11 colsim2-12 colsim2-15 colsim2-2 colsim2-4 colsim2-5 colsim2-6 colsim2-7 colsim2-8 colsim2-9 coltlbm coltlbm-1 coltlbm-10 coltlbm-11 coltlbm-12 coltlbm-13 coltlbm-14 coltlbm-15 coltlbm-16 coltlbm-17 coltlbm-18 coltlbm-19 coltlbm-2 coltlbm-20 coltlbm-22 coltlbm-3 coltlbm-4 coltlbm-5 coltlbm-6 coltlbm-7 coltlbm-8 coltlbm-9 coltlbm01 coltlbm04 coltlbm05 coltlbm06 coltlbm07 coltlbm08 coltlbm09 coltlbm10 coltlbm11 coltlbm12 coltlbm13 coltlbm14 coltlbm15 coltlbm16 coltlbm17 coltlbm18 coltlbm19 coltlbm2 coltlbm2-1 coltlbm2-14 coltlbm2-2 coltlbm2-20 coltlbm20 coltlbm21 coltlbm25 coltlbm26 coltlbm27 coltlbm28 coltlbm29 coltlbm30 coltlbm31 coltlbm32 coltlbm33 coltlbm34 coltlbm35 coltlbm36 coltlbm37 coltlbm38 coltlbm39 coltlbm40 coltlbm41 coltlbm42 coltlbm44 coltlm-10 coltlm-11 coltlm-12 coltlm-13 coltlm-15 coltlm2-1 coltlm2-14 coltlm2-2 coltlm2-20 coltlm2-3 coltlm2-5 coltlm2-6 coltlm2-7 coltlm2-8 coltlm2-9 coltlnm-1 coltlnm-11 coltlnm-12 coltlnm-13 coltlnm-14 coltlnm-15 coltlnm-17 coltlnm-18 coltlnm-19 coltlnm-2 coltlnm-20 coltlnm-4 coltlnm-5 coltlnm-7 coltlnm-8 coltlnm-9 coltlnm01 coltlnm02 coltlnm04 coltlnm05 coltlnm07 coltlnm08 coltlnm09 coltlnm11 coltlnm12 coltlnm13 coltlnm14 coltlnm15 coltlnm17 coltlnm18 coltlnm19 coltlnm20 comic book guy comic book guy- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) commissioner gordon computer programmer conquistador constable cowboy cowgirl crash test dummy crayon girl cyborg daisy duck dance instructor daredevil date night homer- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) date night marge- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) dc super heroes dean thomas decorator deep sea diver demolition dummy desert warrior detective dick grayson diner waitress dino tracker dis003 dis005 dis006 dis009 dis010 dis012 dis013 dis018 dis034 dis035 dis040 disco alfred pennyworth disco diva disco dude disco harley quinn disney series 1 disney series 2 diver dj doctor phosphorus dog show winner dog sitter dollar bill tuxedo batman donald duck downhill skier draco malfoy easter bunny batman edna mode egyptian queen evil dwarf evil knight evil mech evil robot explorer fairy fairytale princess fallout boy milhouse- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) farmer faun fire fighter fisherman fitness instructor flamenco dancer flashback garmadon flashback lucy flying warrior football player forest maiden forestman fortune teller frightening knight galaxy trooper garmadon general zod genie genie girl gladiator glam metal batman goblin gone golfin' president business gong & guitar rocker gpl tech grandma grandma visitor grandpa grandpa simpson grandpa simpson- the simpsons- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) green lantern groundskeeper willie groundskeeper willie- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) hans moleman hans moleman- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) harry potter hazmat guy hermione granger heroic knight hippie hockey player holiday elf hollywood starlet homer simpson hugo strange hula dancer hula lula huntress ice fisherman ice queen ice skater island warrior jafar jasmine jazz musician jewel thief jor-el jurassic world kai kendo karate master kendo fighter kickboxer girl killer moth kimono girl king tut kingsley shacklebolt kitty pop lady robot laser mech lederhosen guy leprechaun librarian lifeguard lisa simpson lisa simpson- the simpsons- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) lloyd garmadon lobster-lovin' batman lord voldemort maggie and santa's little helper- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) maggie simpson magician maleficent maraca man march harriet marge simpson mariachi man martin prince- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) marvel master/sensei wu mechanic medusa mermaid mermaid batman metamorpho mexican mickey mouse mime minifigure minifigure collection bricktober 2018 4/4 (tru exclusive)- super heroes minifigure collection- bricktober 2017 2/4 (tru exclusive)- the lego batman movie minifigure collection- bricktober 2018 2/4 (tru exclusive)- jurassic world misako mister miracle monster rocker motorcycle mechanic mountain climber mr. burns mr. burns- the simpsons- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) mr. good and evil mr. incredible mummy mummy queen musketeer n-pop girl neville longbottom ninja nurse nurse harley quinn orca paddle surfer patty patty- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) pharaoh pilot pink power batgirl plumber policeman pop star pretzel girl pro surfer professor flitwick professor frink professor frink- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) professor pomona sprout punk rocker queen race car driver ralph wiggum ralph wiggum- the simpsons- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) rapper red hood retro space hero retro spaceman robot rock star rocker girl roller derby girl roman emperor roman soldier ron weasley rugby player sailor samurai warrior samurapper samurapper- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) saxophone player scarecrow scientist sea captain selma selma- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) series 1 series 10 series 11 series 12 series 13 series 14 series 15 series 16 series 17 series 18 series 19 series 2 series 20 series 21 series 3 series 4 series 5 series 6 series 7 series 8 series 9 shark army angler shark army general #1 shark army great white shark army octopus sherry scratchen-post sim005 sim010 sim012 sim016 sim021 sim022 sim028 sim029 sim031 sim032 sim033 sim034 sim035 sim036 sim037 sim038 sim039 sim041 sinestro skateboarder skater skater girl skeleton guy skier skydiver sleepyhead small clown snowboarder snowboarder guy soccer player space villain spaceman spartan warrior spider suit boy spinjitzu training nya spooky boy stargirl street skater strongman sumo wrestler super heroes super wrestler surfer surgeon sushi chef sw089 swamp creature swashbuckler swimming champion swimsuit batman tennis ace tennis player the calculator the eraser the joker the lego batman movie the lego batman movie- series 1 (complete with stand and accessories) the lego movie 2 the lego ninjago movie the mime the monster the simpsons the simpsons house thespian/actor tiger woman tlm148 tlm149 tlm150 tlm152 tlm153 tlm154 tlm155 tlm156 tlm157 tlm158 tlm159 tlm160 tlm161 tlm162 tlm167 traffic cop trendsetter tribal chief tribal hunter tribal woman unicorn girl unikitty vacation alfred pennyworth vacation batgirl vacation batman vacation robin vacation the joker vampire bat vest friend rex veterinarian vid006 vid009 vid018 vidbm01-12 vidbm01-2 vidbm01-8 video game guy viking wacky witch waiter warrior woman watermelon dude waylon smithers waylon smithers- the simpsons- series 2 (complete set with stand and accessories) weightlifter werewolf werewolf drummer werewolf drummer- series 1 (complete set with stand and accessories) witch wizard wonder twin jayna wonder twin zan yuppie zodiac master zombie zombie businessman
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