Selling or Trading

We buy, sell & trade Lego(R) every day and we love doing it. We want to make it as easy and pleasant for you as possible. Your Lego(R) can be used, new, just pieces thrown in a box, built sets, unassembled sets, just minifigures, storage containers, boxes, instructions, whatever. If it says Lego(R) on it we will take it. Ideally you would just bring your Lego(R) into our storefront location in Newnan, GA during open hours and we can give you a quote to buy or trade your Lego(R). However, if you are not close enough to bring your Lego(R) in, you can sell or trade your Lego(R) to us through the mail. Currently, we are only buying and trading in the USA, not internationally. 

If you would like to sell or trade us your Lego(R) through the mail, please fill out the form below and if you are ready, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label so you do not have any upfront expenses. We can also send you a quote based on the information you submit below, however, it may take more time for us to respond.

To learn the best way to ship Lego, check out our blog post about it, How We Ship Lego.

Fill out our online form for selling and trading here.



Check out how fun selling and trading to us can be, but keep in mind, we take Lego in all forms, these are just big examples. If you bring in a couple minifigures or a box of mixed-up Lego pieces we'd be happy too!