Lego(R) Star Wars Minifigures

Lego(R) began making Star Wars Minifigures in 1999 when Episode I was released in Theatres. They have come along way since then but the original Minifigures are still super cool!  To search specific categories use the Filter by link below or call 470-414-2208 to see if we have any specific minifigures in stock. You can order over the phone!
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75140-1 75146-5 75147-1 75148-1 75149-1 75150-1 75151-1 75154-1 75155-1 75157-1 75158-1 75159-1 75160-1 75161-1 75163-1 75167-1 75172-1 75173-1 75175-1 75177-1 75178-1 75179-1 75180-1 75181-1 75184-11 75185-1 75188-1 75189-1 75190-1 75191-1 75195-1 75196-1 75197-1 75200-1 75201-1 75202-1 75203-1 75204-1 75205-1 75207-1 75210-1 75212-1 75213-18 75213-24 75216-1 75217-1 75218-1 75219-1 75220-1 75221-1 75222-1 75223-1 75233-1 75234-1 75237-1 75242-1 75243-1 75244-1 75245-13 75245-19 75246-1 75247-1 75248-1 75249-1 75250-1 75254-1 75256-1 75257-1 75258-1 75261-1 75263-1 75266-1 75283-1 75416-10 75420-1 7658-1 7659-1 7660-1 7661-1 7665-1 7666-1 7672-1 7681-1 7749-1 7753-1 7754-1 7868-1 7877-1 7879-1 7915-1 7930-1 7931-1 7956-1 7958-12 7958-20 7958-9 7961-1 7962-1 7965-1 8015-1 8016-1 8036-1 8037-1 8038-1 8083-1 8084-1 8086-1 8087-1 8088-1 8089-1 8091-1 8092-1 8093-1 8096-1 8097-1 8128-1 8129-1 9001192 9001222 911832-1 9489-1 9491-1 9492-1 9493-1 9494-1 9495-1 9496-1 9498-1 9499-1 9509-10 9516-1 9525-1 9526-1 9674-1 9677-1 9679-1 9780241357521 9780241395431 a-wing fighter a-wing starfighter a-wing vs. tie silencer microfighters aat aat driver battle droid admiral ematt advent calendar 2011- star wars (day 11)- battle droid pilot advent calendar 2011- star wars (day 19)- tie defender pilot advent calendar 2011- star wars (day 8)- zev senesca advent calendar 2012- star wars (day 9)- imperial officer advent calendar 2013- star wars (day 15)- geonosian warrior advent calendar 2013- star wars (day 24)- santa jango fett advent calendar 2013- star wars (day 3)- fa-4 pilot droid advent calendar 2013- star wars (day 6)- endor rebel trooper advent calendar 2014- star wars (day 16)- snowspeeder pilot advent calendar 2014- star wars (day 18)- general rieekan advent calendar 2014- star wars (day 22)- festive astromech advent calendar 2015- star wars (day 22)- reindeer r2-d2 advent calendar 2016- star wars (day 4)- death star trooper advent calendar 2016- star wars (day 9)- hoth rebel trooper advent calendar 2017- star wars (day 10)- unkar's thug advent calendar 2018- star wars (day 17)- guavian security soldier advent calendar 2018- star wars (day 23)- antoc merrick advent calendar 2019- star wars (day 12)- imperial gunner advent calendar 2019- star wars (day 18)- rebel fleet trooper ahch-to island training ahsoka tano aldar beedo anakin skywalker anakin's and sebulba's podracers anakin's jedi interceptor anakin's podracer anakin's podracer- 20th anniversary edition anakin's y-wing starfighter antoc merrick ap'lek arc-170 starfighter armored assault tank (aat) arvel crynyd assassin droid assassin droids battle pack assault on hoth- ucs astromech droid at-ap walker at-at at-at driver at-at walker at-at- black box at-at- blue box at-rt at-st & endor at-st driver at-st raider at-te b-wing b-wing at rebel control center barc speeder with sidecar barriss offee battle droid carrier battle droid geonosian battle droid pilot battle of hoth betrayal at cloud city biggs darklighter black ace tie interceptor boba fett boolio bounty hunter bounty hunter assault gunship bounty hunter pursuit bounty hunter speeder bike battle pack c-3po cad bane's speeder captain rex's at-te captain tarpals chief chirpa clone pilot clone scout walker- 20th anniversary edition clone turbo tank cloud city coleman trebor collectible display set 3- san diego comic-con 2009 exclusive collectible display set 5- san diego comic-con 2009 exclusive comcon007-1 comcon008-1 commander fox commander sato corporal zuzanu latt coruscant police gunship darth maul's sith infiltrator darth vader darth vader- 56. international toy fair nuernberg polybag death star death star cannon death star trooper death star- ucs defense of crait dengar desert skiff droid gunship droid tri-fighter dryden's guard duel on geonosis dutch vander echo base emperor palpatine emperor palpatine's shuttle encounter on jakku endor rebel commando endor rebel trooper endor rebel trooper & imperial trooper battle pack ev-9d9 ewok ewok attack ewok village ezra's speeder bike fa-4 pilot droid festive astromech final duel I finn finn (fn-2187) polybag first order at-st first order battle pack first order crew member first order fleet engineer first order heavy assault walker first order heavy scout walker first order jet trooper first order officer first order shuttle pilot first order snowspeeder first order snowtrooper first order special forces tie fighter first order specialists battle pack first order star destroyer first order stormtrooper squad leader first order tie fighter pilot first order transporter first order treadspeeder driver flash speeder galactic empire battle pack gasgano general grievous chase general leia general maximillian veers general pryde general rieekan geonosian geonosian cannon geonosian canon geonosian fighter- black box geonosian fighter- blue box geonosian zombie gold leader's y-wing starfighter gray squadron pilot greedo griff halloran guavian security soldier gungan patrol gungan soldier gungan sub han solo han solo (hoth) polybag home one mon calamari star cruiser- limited edition hoth echo base hoth medical chamber hoth rebel base (limited edition- with k-3po) hoth rebel trooper hoth wampa cave hyena droid bomber hylobon enforcer ig-88 imperial assault carrier imperial astromech droid imperial at-hauler imperial conveyex transport imperial crew imperial emigration officer imperial gunner imperial inquisitor fifth brother imperial inspection imperial landing craft imperial navy trooper imperial officer imperial patrol battle pack imperial pilot imperial shuttle imperial shuttle pilot imperial shuttle pilot foil pack imperial shuttle- ucs imperial star destroyer imperial v-wing pilot imperial v-wing starfighter jabba's palace jabba's sail barge jakku quadjumper jedi interceptor jedi scout fighter jedi starfighter with hyperdrive jedi starfighter with hyperdrive booster ring jek 14's stealth starfighter jek porkins jek-14 jek-14's stealth starfighter juno eclipse k-3po kanjiklub gang member kashyyyk battle droid kaz xiono kessel operations droid kessel run millennium falcon klatoonian raider knight of ren krennic's imperial shuttle microfighter kylo ren kylo ren's command shuttle kylo ren's shuttle kylo ren's tie fighter lando calrissian landspeeder lieutenant connix lor san tekka luke skywalker luke's landspeeder luminara unduli m-oc hunter droid mace windu mace windu's jedi starfighter major vonreg's tie fighter millennium falcon millennium falcon (redesign)- blue box millennium falcon (redesign)- original trilogy edition box millennium falcon- ucs Minifigure moloch moloch's landspeeder mon calamari officer mos eisley cantina mos eisley cantina- blue box mos eisley cantina- original trilogy edition box mos espa podrace motorized walking at-at mtt naboo fighter naboo fighter pilot naboo n-1 starfighter and vulture droid naboo security officer naboo starfighter naboo starfighter & naboo naboo starfighter microfighter neimodian warrior nix jerd nodin chavdri nute gunray obi-wan kenobi onaconda farr oola owen lars padme amidala palpatine palpatine's arrest paploo pasaana speeder chase pirate tank plo-kloon's jedi starfighter poe dameron Polybag pre vizsla pre vizsla's mandalorian fighter princess leia protocol droid qi-ra qui-gon jinn r-3po r2-d2 r2-d5 r2-q2 r3-a2 r4-g0 r4-p44 r5-d4 r7-d4 r8-b7 ra-7 protocol droid rathar escape rebel a-wing pilot rebel a-wing pilot polybag rebel a-wing starfighter rebel alliance battle pack rebel combat frigate rebel engineer rebel fleet trooper rebel ground crew rebel pilot a-wing rebel pilot b-wing rebel pilot u-wing rebel pilot u-wing/y-wing rebel technician rebel trooper rebel trooper battle pack rebel u-wing fighter rebolt ree-yees reindeer r2-d2 republic cruiser (limited edition- with r2-r7) republic gunship republic pilot republic swamp speeder- limited edition resistance a-wing starfighter resistance bombardier resistance bomber resistance bomber pilot resistance officer resistance pilot a-wing resistance soldier resistance speeder pilot resistance troop transport resistance trooper resistance trooper battle pack resistance x-wing fighter resistance y-wing microfighter resistance y-wing starfighter rey rey's speeder rocket droid commander rogue shadow rose tico rowan royal guard sabine wren saesee tiin's jedi starfighter saesee tinn sandcrawler sandcrawler- ucs sandspeeder sandspeeder pilot sandtrooper santa jango fett separatist shuttle seperatist shuttle seperatist spider droid shahan alama sith fleet officer sith infiltrator sith trooper sith troopers battle pack ski speeder vs. first order walker microfighters slave I (3rd edition) slave I- 20th anniversary edition snoke's throne room snowspeeder snowspeeder pilot snowtrooper snowtrooper battle pack Star Wars star wars #1- sith minifigure pack star wars #2- luke/han/boba minifigure pack star wars podracing bucket star wars visual dictionary- anniversary edition (hardcover) star wars visual dictionary- new edition (hardcover) starscavenger stormtrooper stormtrooper polybag super battle droid super star destroyer- ucs sw0004 sw0007 sw0008 sw0013 sw0015 sw0019 sw0021 sw0026 sw0029 sw0030 sw0031b sw0032 sw0038 sw0040 sw0040b sw0041 sw0043 sw0045 sw0050 sw0056 sw0059 sw0061 sw0065 sw0067 sw0072 sw0077 sw0078 sw0081 sw0082 sw0084 sw0086 sw0090 sw0090a sw0094 sw0095a sw0097 sw0102 sw0106a sw0109a sw0111 sw0113 sw0116 sw0117 sw0119 sw0122 sw0124 sw0132 sw0133 sw0135 sw0140 sw0154 sw0155 sw0159 sw0160 sw0161a sw0162 sw0165 sw0170 sw0172a sw0174 sw0175 sw0176 sw0179 sw0182 sw0202 sw0205 sw0210 sw0212 sw0215 sw0222 sw0227 sw0228 sw0236 sw0239 sw0241 sw0245 sw0248 sw0251 sw0253 sw0255 sw0260 sw0261 sw0262 sw0267 sw0268 sw0269 sw0273 sw0278 sw0282 sw0283 sw0287 sw0292 sw0293 sw0294 sw0295 sw0303 sw0304 sw0308 sw0313 sw0320 sw0324 sw0327 sw0328 sw0329 sw0334 sw0335 sw0336 sw0339 sw0340 sw0342 sw0343 sw0344 sw0345 sw0346 sw0349 sw0350 sw0351 sw0354 sw0357 sw0360 sw0361 sw0362 sw0363 sw0368 sw0369 sw0371 sw0372 sw0374 sw0379 sw0382 sw0395 sw0399 sw0401 sw0406 sw0409 sw0410 sw0416 sw0418 sw0426 sw0437 sw0440 sw0445 sw0457 sw0460 sw0461 sw0466 sw0473 sw0475 sw0476 sw0477 sw0480 sw0483 sw0487 sw0489 sw0490 sw0506 sw0507 sw0509 sw0510 sw0511 sw0526 sw0536 sw0539 sw0542 sw0544 sw0546 sw0552 sw0556 sw0558 sw0559 sw0569 sw0572 sw0573 sw0575 sw0579 sw0580 sw0582 sw0583 sw0584 sw0592 sw0597 sw0598 sw0607 sw0608 sw0616 sw0619 sw0621 sw0626 sw0627 sw0637a sw0638 sw0639 sw0640 sw0655 sw0657 sw0665 sw0668 sw0670 sw0671 sw0672 sw0673 sw0674 sw0679 sw0690 sw0693 sw0694 sw0699 sw0705 sw0716 sw0718 sw0721 sw0723 sw0724 sw0726 sw0727 sw0729 sw0730 sw0737 sw0738 sw0739 sw0740 sw0743 sw0745 sw0747 sw0753 sw0757 sw0758 sw0759 sw0765 sw0773 sw0788 sw0793 sw0800 sw0802 sw0818 sw0819 sw0820 sw0830 sw0839 sw0844 sw0852 sw0861 sw0862 sw0866 sw0867 sw0868 sw0870 sw0871 sw0872 sw0882 sw0883 sw0884 sw0888 sw0891 sw0898 sw0899 sw0900 sw0901 sw0912 sw0917 sw0918 sw0920 sw0929 sw0932 sw0936 sw0944 sw0945 sw0949 sw0951 sw0952 sw0953 sw0954 sw0957 sw0960 sw0963 sw0971 sw0979 sw0995 sw0996 sw1001 sw1012 sw1018 sw1033 sw1045 sw1048 sw1050 sw1053 sw1055 sw1056 sw1059 sw1060 sw1062 sw1063 sw1068 sw1075 sw1076 sw117promo-1 swdvdbd t-16 skyhopper t-16 skyhopper pilot t-6 jedi shuttle tallissan lintra tantive iv tasu leech tc-4 tc-4 polybag teebo teedo temmin wexley ten numb the battle of endor the ghost theron nett tie advanced prototype tie bomber and asteroid field tie bomber fighter pilot tie defender tie defender pilot tie fighter tie fighter & y-wing tie fighter & y-wing (re-realese of 7150) tie fighter & y-wing (re-release of 7150) tie fighter and y-wing tie fighter attack tie fighter pilot tie striker tie striker microfighter tie striker/fighter pilot tokkat toryn farr tracker I turk falso u-wing microfighter unkar plutt unkar's brute unkar's thug vader's tie advanced vs. a-wing starfighter val video dvd and bd- star wars- the padawan menace vulture droid waldo watch set- sw darth vader vs. obi-wan kenobi watch set- sw darth vader vs. obi-wan kenobi (non bezel version) watto watto's junkyard wedge antilles weequay skiff guard wes janson wicket wookie catamaran wookiee wookiee attack wookiee catamaran wookiee gunship wookiee warrior wullffwarro x-wing fighter x-wing fighter (dagobah)- blue box x-wing fighter (dagobah)- original trilogy edition box x-wing fighter (re-release of 7140) x-wing pilot x-wing starfighter x-wing starfighter and yavin 4 y-wing attack starfighter y-wing fighter y-wing starfighter y-wing starfighter- ucs (2nd edition) z-95 headhunter zam wesell zeb orrelios zev senesca zorii bliss
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