Lego(R) Marvel Super Heroes

Lego(R) has been making Marvel Super Heroes sets since 2002 when they incorporated Spider-Man into the Studios line. These sets were released to promote the Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maquire. Since then Lego(R) Marvel Super Heroes has come along way. Use the Filter by link below to search specific categories or call us at 470-414-2208 to see if we might have specific Minifigures in stock. 
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76134-1 76140-1 76141-1 76142-1 76143-1 76144-1 76146-1 76147-1 76148-1 76149-1 76150-1 76152-1 76153-1 76162-1 76163-1 76164-1 76166-1 76167-1 76168-1 76169-1 76171-1 76172-1 76173-1 76174-1 76176-1 76178-1 76196-16 76501-1 77902-1 77905-1 90398pb006 90398pb007 90398pb040 90398pb043 advent calendar 2021- marvel avengers (day 15)- captain marvel agent 13 agent coulson aim agent aldrich killian ant-man ant-man and the wasp ant-man and the wasp san diego comic-con 2018 exclusive ant-man final battle ant-man statuette armored truck driver atm heist battle attack on avengers tower aunt may ava starr avenger's compound battle avengers avengers age of ultron avengers assembe avengers assemble avengers battle tower avengers compound battle avengers endgame avengers helicarrier avengers hellicarrier avengers hulk helicopter rescue avengers hydra showdown avengers infinity war avengers speeder bike attack avengers tower avengers tower battle avengers truck take-down avengers ultimate quinjet avengers wrath of loki avenjet space mission ayesha ayesha's revenge baby groot baron von strucker beetle beserker beware the vulture BigKidBrix black panther black panther pursuit black widow black widow's helicopter chase bruce banner captain america captain america civil war captain america jet pursuit captain america mech armor captain america vs. hydra captain america's avenging cycle captain america's motorcycle polybag captain america: outriders attack captain marvel captain marvel and nick fury polybag captain marvel and the asis- san diego comic-con 2019 exclusive captain marvel and the skrull attack captain stacy carnage carnage's shield sky attack chitauri chitauri foot soldier chitauri general cmf col334 col335 col336 col337 collectible colmar colmar-1 colmar-10 colmar-11 colmar-12 colmar-2 colmar-3 colmar-4 colmar-5 colmar-6 colmar-8 colmar-9 comcon034-1 comcon048-1 Comic-con corvus glaive corvus glaive thresher attack crossbone's hazard heist crossbones crossbones' hazard heist cull obsidian custom marvel custom minifigure cyclops daily bugle deadpool doc ock doc ock truck heist doc ock's bank robbery doc ock's cafe attack doc ock's crime spree doc ock's fusion lab doc ock's hideout doctor strange doctor strange's sanctum sanctorum dr. doom dr. octopus drax ebony maw electro electro polybag erik killmonger escape from the ten rings extremis soldier falcon falcon & black widow blister pack falcon and black widow blister pack firefighter gamora ghost ghost rider ghost spider giant-man hank pym giant-man hank pym polybag golden jaguar grandmaster green goblin guardians of the galaxy guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 gun mounting system polybag hank pym happy hogan hawkeye hawkeye with equipment polybag hela hobgoblin hulk hulk lab smash hulk polybag hulk vs. red hulk hulk's helicarrier breakout hulk's hellicarrier breakout hydra diver hydra fortress smash hydra henchman hydra henchmen hydro-man hydro-man attack hyperion invincible iron man iron man iron fist iron legion iron man iron man 3 iron man and dum-e polybag iron man armory iron man hall of armor iron man heart breaker armor iron man hulkbuster versus a.i.m. agent iron man mark 1 armor iron man mark 41 armor iron man mark 42 armor iron man mark 43 armor iron man mark 45 armor iron man mark 46 armor iron man mark 47 armor iron man mark 7 armor iron man mech iron man statuette iron man vs. fighting drone polybag iron man vs. thanos iron man vs. the mandarin: ultimate showdown iron man vs. ultron iron man: detroit steel strikes iron man: extremis sea port battle iron man: malibu mansion attack iron patriot iron skull iron skull sub attack iron spider iron spider-man iron venom j. jonah jameson juniors justin hammer karl mordo kid arachnid knowhere escape mission kraven the hunter loki loki's cosmic cube escape magneto mandarin mantis maria hill mark 1 marvel marvel super heroes mary jane 3 mary jane 4 mary jane 5 masked robber mighty micros mighty micros: captain america vs. red skull mighty micros: hulk vs. ultron mighty micros: iron man vs. thanos mighty micros: scarlet spider vs. sandman mighty micros: spider-man vs. green goblin mighty micros: spider-man vs. scorpion mighty micros: star-lord vs. nebula mighty micros: thor vs. loki mighty micros: wolverine vs. magneto miles morales miles morales mech armor minifigure minifigure collection bricktober 2018 4/4 (tru exclusive)- super heroes mj modok molten man battle mysterio nakia nebula ned leeds nick fury nova nova corps officer okoye outrider outrider dropship attack pepper potts peter parker Polybag power man proxima midnight quantum realm explorers quicksilver quinjet aerial battle ravager attack red hulk red she-hulk red skull rescue rhino rhino and sandman super villain team-up rhino face-off by the mine rocket raccoon rocket raccoon polybag rocket racoon's warbird ronan the accuser royal talon fighter attack sakaarian guard sandman scarlet spider scarlet witch scientist scorpion scuba captain america sh013 sh015 sh017 sh018 sh030 sh031 sh032 sh033 sh034 sh035 sh036 sh037 sh038 sh040 sh041 sh051 sh052 sh053 sh054 sh055 sh056 sh065 sh066 sh067 sh068 sh070 sh071 sh072a sh073 sh074 sh084 sh090 sh095 sh098 sh099 sh100 sh101 sh102 sh103 sh104 sh105 sh106 sh107 sh108 sh109 sh110 sh113 sh115 sh116 sh117 sh118 sh119 sh120 sh121 sh122 sh123 sh124 sh125 sh126 sh127 sh128 sh141 sh164 sh165 sh166 sh167 sh168 sh169 sh170 sh171 sh172 sh173 sh174 sh175 sh176 sh177 sh178 sh179 sh180 sh181 sh183 sh186 sh187 sh188 sh189 sh190 sh191 sh192 sh193 sh196 sh201 sh202 sh205 sh212 sh214 sh215 sh216 sh226 sh227 sh228 sh229 sh230 sh232 sh248 sh249 sh250 sh251 sh254 sh255 sh256 sh257 sh258 sh261 sh262 sh263 sh267 sh268 sh269 sh270 sh271 sh272 sh273 sh274 sh284 sh285 sh286 sh287 sh296 sh297 sh298 sh299 sh302 sh303 sh360 sh361 sh362 sh363 sh364 sh365 sh366 sh367 sh368 sh369 sh370 sh371 sh372 sh374 sh378 sh379 sh380 sh381 sh382 sh383 sh384 sh386 sh387 sh388 sh389 sh403 sh404 sh405 sh406 sh407 sh408 sh409 sh410 sh411 sh412 sh413 sh420 sh421 sh422 sh425 sh426 sh448 sh466 sh467 sh468 sh469 sh474 sh475 sh476 sh477 sh478 sh480 sh485 sh494 sh495 sh496 sh498 sh500 sh501 sh502 sh503 sh504 sh505 sh506 sh507 sh508 sh509 sh510 sh511 sh512 sh517 sh518 sh536 sh537 sh538 sh540 sh542 sh543 sh544 sh545 sh546 sh553 sh554 sh555 sh560 sh561 sh562 sh563 sh564 sh565 sh566 sh567 sh568 sh569 sh570 sh571 sh572 sh573 sh574 sh575 sh576 sh577 sh578 sh579 sh580 sh581 sh582 sh583 sh584 sh585 sh601 sh602 sh605 sh606 sh610 sh612 sh615 sh616s sh618 sh620 sh623 sh624 sh629 sh630 sh631 sh632 sh637 sh652 sh657 sh674 sh678 sh679 sh680 sh684 sh686 sh697 sh700 sh701 shang-chi shield agent shield agent statuette shuri silver centurion silver centurion polybag skrull spd001 spd002 spd005a spd006 spd010 spd012 spd013 spd020 spd024 spd026 spd027 spd028 spd030 spider mech vs. venom spider-girl spider-gwen spider-helicopter rescue spider-man spider-man 1 spider-man 2 spider-man action studio spider-man and ghost rider vs. carnage spider-man and sandman showdown spider-man and the museum break-in blister pack spider-man bike rescue spider-man car chase spider-man far from home spider-man foil pack spider-man glider polybag spider-man hideout spider-man homecoming spider-man mech spider-man super jumper polybag spider-man vs. doc ock spider-man vs. scorpion street showdown spider-man vs. venom and iron venom blister pack spider-man's doc ock ambush spider-man's first chase spider-man's monster truck vs. mysterio spider-man's spider crawler spider-man's street chase spider-man's train rescue spider-man: daily bugle showdown spider-man: doc ock diamond heist spider-man: doc ock's tentacle trap spider-man: ghost rider team-up spider-man: spider-car pursuit spider-man: spider-cycle chase spider-man: web warriors ultimate bridge battle spider-mech vs. venom spider-trike vs. electro spiderjet vs. venom mech star-lord starblaster showdown stark jet and the drone attack storm subway train conductor super hero airport battle super heroes super-adaptoid talos tanker truck takedown taserface taskmaster taskmaster's ambush- san diego comic-con 2020 exclusive teen groot thanos thanos mech thanos: ultimate showdown the ancient one the avengers the avengers quinjet city chase the final showdown the hulk buster smash the hulk polybag the hulkbuster smash-up the hulkbuster: ultron edition the hydra fortress smash the mandarin the menace of mysterio the milano spaceship rescue the milano vs. the abilisk the origins the sakaaran the sanctum sanctorum showdown the shield helicarrier the shield hellicarrier the shocker the ultimate battle for asgard the vulture the wasp thor thor and the cosmic cube polybag thor foil pack thor mech armor thor ragnarok thor vs. hulk: arena clash thor's weapon quest throne of ultron tony stark ultimate battle for asgard ultimate spider-man ultimate ultron ultron ultron mk1 ultron prime ultron sentry ultron sentry officer ulysses klaue valkyrie venom venom crawler vision vulture vulture's trucker robbery war machine war machine buster wenwu white tiger winter soldier wolverine wolverine's chopper showdown wrestling scene x-men x-men vs. the sentinel yelena belova yellowjacket yondu
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