Uncle Vernon Dursley, hp023


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Year released: 2002

Appears in set 4728-1, Escape from Privet Drive


Vernon Dursley was an English Muggle, husband of Petunia Evans, father of Dudley and uncle-in-law of Harry Potter. He used to live at 4 Privet Drive along with his wife and son for nearly twenty years until they were forced into hiding during the escalation of the Second Wizarding War. After Petunia's sister Lily and brother-in-law, James Potter, were killed by Voldemort in their own home, Petunia remained the sole surviving blood relative of Harry's. Both Wizard and Muggle law demanded that Petunia and Vernon be the new legal guardians of Harry Potter, which they accepted (albeit reluctantly). However, they disliked Harry and treated him badly, while spoiling and fattening Dudley.

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