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Year released: 2021

Appears in set 76201-1, Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper

Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is a former Project Rebirth test subject, who was supposed to be injected with the Super Soldier Serum and become the world's first super soldier to fight in the World War II. During the HYDRA attack, Rogers was wounded by Heinz Kruger, forcing Peggy Carter to become the super soldier instead. Although unfit to serve in the military, Rogers was equipped with the suit of armor, designed by Howard Stark and powered by the Tesseract, and joined the war efforts as the HYDRA Stomper. In a later mission, Rogers and his suit were captured by HYDRA, as the Red Skull was going to use the Tesseract to summon the Champion of HYDRA. When Carter and the Howling Commandos attacked Castle de Krake, Rogers was briefly reunited with Carter, before she sacrificed herself to stop the Champion by going through a wormhole.

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Steve Rogers, sh751

by LEGO®
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