Sleven, njo115


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Year released: 2015

Appears in sets 30291-1, Anacondrai Mech polybag; 70747-1, Boulder Blaster; 70756-1, Dojo Showdown; 70753-1, Lava Falls


Sleven was an Anacondrai Cultist serving Master Chen. Sleven was a somewhat reluctant warrior. Although he was all for Master Chen, he was afraid of snakes and the thought of being turned into one made him nervous. Sleven's most important role was as an Anacondrai Battle Mech pilot, making him a mobile strike force for Chen's army. After being transformed into an Anacondrai, Sleven and the Cultists began to spread out and take over Ninjago, eventually facing against the Elemental Masters and their allies at the Corridor of Elders. Chen's army proved too strong, leading Garmadon to sacrifice himself and release the original Anacondrai generals to banish Chen's followers to the Cursed Realm, including Sleven. Some time after the defeat of Chen's army, the Ninja fought against the physical manifestation of the Cursed Realm, The Preeminent. After Nya drowned the beast, the Cursed Realm was flooded and destroyed, killing the majority of its prisoners, including Sleven.

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