Sandspeeder Gunner, sw0881


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Year released: 2018

Appears in set 75204-1, Sandspeeder


The sandspeeder was a modified type of T-47 light airspeeder manufactured by Incom Corporation, and used by the armed forces of the New Republic for combat in desert environments. With each vessel operated by a pilot and a gunner, the New Republic's Lieutenant Valeria led a squadron of sandspeeders against the Galactic Empire during the Battle of Jakku.

Gunner was a generalized term for an individual who operated heavy weapons. The position of gunner could be found on attack vehicles such as the Defoliator Deployment Tank or onboard medium or large spacecraft. Wes Janson served as a gunner at the Battle of Hoth. Some infantry soldiers operating heavy guns were also referred to as gunners, such as the towering Gigoran mercenary Moroff, who wielded a Vulk TAU-6-23 "Blastmill" rotary blaster cannon.

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