Reddish Brown Lego(R) Horse w/ Black Bridle (Classic Version)


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Year Released: 2007-2011

This Horse only came in 4 sets:

7635 4WD w/ Horse Trailer Farm Set

7092 Skeleton's Prison Carriage Castle Set

4193 The London Escape Pirates of the Caribbean Set

10216 Winter Village Bakery Christmas Set

We offer this horse with multiple saddle options. The 1 clip saddle has one clip on its right side where you can put a sword, shield, lance, flagpole, etc. The 2 clip saddle has a clip on each side.

We offer this horse in good condition and playtoy condition.

Good Condition means the horse does not have any immediately visible flaws and may have one or two minor scratches This is considered to be a collectors item.

Playtoy Condition means the horse has multiple flaws, scratches and/or discoloration but is still very functional as a playtoy. We throw away Lego(R) in poor condition so the Playtoy condition is not terrible, its just not collectors quality.

Our Lego(R) animals are authentic, real Lego(R) products. We have new & pre-owned animals in our collection. They are all in good, clean, collectors quality condition with little to no visible flaws unless sold as a playtoy.

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