Rattla, njo033


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Year released: 2012

Appears in sets 9441-1, Kai's Blade Cycle; 850445-1, Ninjago Character Card Shrine; 30088-1, Rattla polybag; 9456-1, Spinner Battle; 9579-1, Starter Set


Rattla is the Scout for the Hypnobrai tribe. He has a dark blue face with red eyes, with the left eye being slightly larger than the right. The rest of his body is mostly light grey, save the dark blue markings on his front and his dark gray hands. He also has a small cobra-like hood on the back of his head. Rattla is not a particularly strong Hypnobrai, having a limited hypnosis ability. He attempts to hone his skills on ice bugs, but their lack of eyes makes this tactic rather ineffective.

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