R7-A7, sw0231



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Year released: 2009

Appears in set 7751-1, Ahsoka's Starfighter and Vulture Droid


R7-A7 was an astromech droid with masculine programming who belonged to Ahsoka Tano. During the Clone Wars, he served in the astromech socket of her various starfighters whenever she flew in combat. R7 remained loyal to Tano after her departure from the Jedi Order, and assisted her alongside astromech droids CH-33P and RG-G1 when she found herself on the run from clone troopers after the issuance of Order 66, including capturing Clone Commander Rex to remove his behavioral modification biochip. R7 was subsequently destroyed by stray blaster fire when Tano and Rex were fighting other clones in the hangar of a crashing Venator-class Star Destroyer, but Tano and Rex salvaged his remains from the wreckage.

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