Pyro Destroyer, njo529


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Year released: 2019

Appears in sets 70672-1, Cole's Dirt Bike; 70674-1, Fire Fang; 70677-1, Land Bounty; 40342-1, Ninjago 2019 Minifigure Set blister pack


The Pyro Destroyers are members of the Pyro Vipers. They are ancient Serpentine and served Mambo the Fifth until Aspheera stole the throne using Spinjitzu (which Wu taught her as part of a deal). The Pyro Vipers eventually died out and several mummies of them found their way into museums and tombs where Aspheera used magic to awaken them as mummies under her control. The Pyro Destoyers help Aspheera during the Fire Chapter along with Char, the Pyro Slayers, and the Pyro Whippers.

The Pyro Vipers are an ancient Serpentine tribe revived and currently led by Aspheera to aid her in her conquest of Ninjago. Formerly, they lived in the Desert of Doom and were ruled by Mambo the Fifth. After Wu and Garmadon used the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu to stop Aspheera when she tried to overthrow Mambo the Fifth, she was sentenced to be locked in the Ancient Pyramid till her sins were forgotten. Eventually, the tribe died off and their sarcophagi remained inside the pyramid. When the Ninja explored the pyramid and unwittingly released Aspheera, the pyramid's destruction revived and freed the rest of the Pyro Vipers. They gained the power of fire from the lava which released them from their sarcophagi.

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