Mr. E, njo385



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Year released: 2018

Appears in sets 70639-1, Street Race of Snake Jaguar; 70643-1, Temple of Resurrection


Mr. E was the third general of the Sons of Garmadon. His origins were unknown, although he was a Nindroid. Mr. E would eventually cross paths with Harumi, and join her gang, looking up to Lord Garmadon as a supreme being whom they sought to resurrect. Mr. E and the Sons of Garmadon would battle the Ninja while seeking the three Oni Masks, which would help to revive Lord Garmadon. He started a rivalry with Zane, and nearly killed him after a brutal fight. Eventually, Mr. E helped revive Lord Garmadon, who conquered Ninjago and reigned as its emperor. Mr. E served Lord Garmadon, ensuring that his control over the city remained strong. After Garmadon tasked him with finding his son, Lloyd, Mr. E set off to capture him, but failed, due to the intervention of the Elemental Masters (which led to Lloyd’s escape). Garmadon's generals later met with him, and he ripped Mr. E apart, to emphasize that failure would not be tolerated.

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