Medium Sized Bulk Lego(R) Wheels & Tires


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You get an assortment of random Lego(R) Wheels & Tires that can be as small as a 1.25 inch or as large as 6.25 inches in diameter just like the ones pictured. Some wheels will have matching tires already on them and others will not, the same goes for the tires. There will also be some plate and brick wheelbases for the wheels to attach to but not all will have them. These are all clean, coming straight from our washing/drying process to their packaging. We do our best to go through all of the pieces to make sure their are no defects or non-Lego(R) pieces but some may slip through the cracks so we always include a little extra in every order. 

1/2 lb = approximately 20-30 wheel & tire sets, and is $9.99

1 lb = approximately 40-60 wheel & tire sets, and is $15.99

2 lbs = approximately  80-120 wheel & tire sets, and is $29.99

3 lbs = approximately 160-240 wheel & tire sets, and is $41.99

4 lbs = approximately 320-480 wheel & tire sets, and is $49.99

5 lbs = approximately 640-900 wheel & tire sets, and is $56.99