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Year released: 2016

Appears in set 70590-1, Airjitzu Battle Grounds


Master Kodokuna Yang is the creator of Airjitzu, and later, a spirit trapped in the Temple of Airjitzu. Yang taught Airjitzu to his students, but he secretly yearned to live forever so his work wouldn't be forgotten. Using the Yin Blade, he tried to become immortal, but its powers backfired, and he turned into a ghost, along with his Temple and students. Many years later, the Ninja later traveled to Yang's haunted Temple to claim the Scroll of Airjitzu, but they were tormented by Yang. During their escape, Cole was turned into a ghost. On the Day of the Departed, Yang intended to revive the Ninjas' old enemies and use them as a distraction while resurrecting himself through the Rift of Return. As the Ninja fought their adversaries, Yang opened the Rift while Cole fought his students. Cole would eventually confront Yang and destroy the Yin Blade, allowing Yang's students to cross through the Rift. Yang admitted his arrogant desire to live forever, allowing him and Cole to make amends. However, Yang refused to cross through the Rift, as someone had to be the master of the Temple and ultimately pushed Cole into the Rift. After the Rift closed, Yang remained in his Temple, which was now purified.

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