Malakili, sw0434


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Year released: 2013

Appears in set 75005-1, Rancor Pit


Malakili was a human male from the planet Corellia who spent much of his childhood living in the slums of the moon Nar Shaddaa. Having an affinity for animals, Malakili was hired as a beastmaster for Hutt circuses, but he was sold into slavery after a creature got loose and killed audience members. Purchased by Jabba the Hutt, Malakili served as a caretaker to the creatures in Jabba's Palace on the desert planet Tatooine. During that time, Malakili became fond of Jabba's rancorPateesa, and the creature saved his life during a Tusken Raider attack. Sympathizing with Pateesa, Malakili planned to one day escape with the beast.

In 4 ABYLuke Skywalker of the Rebel Alliance arrived at Jabba's Palace in an attempt to rescue Han Solo. Skywalker was tricked into Jabba's rancor pit, where, to Malakili's distress, the rebel killed Pateesa. In the aftermath, Skywalker escaped with Solo, and Jabba was killed. Over the following months, Malakili was one of the last to leave the palace, and he wandered into the Dune Sea toward the Great Pit of Carkoon. Feeling purposeless without his creatures, Malakili considered committing suicide, and he wandered further into the desert.

In the desert, Malakili was attacked by the Red Key Raiders, criminals who had risen to power in Jabba's absence, but he was rescued by Sheriff Cobb Vanth and Issa-Or, self-proclaimed law enforcers. When the two learned Malakili was a beastmaster, they offered him a job in Freetown to work with rontos and teach a Huttlet. Malakili accepted the position and felt he had regained purpose. Vanth was concerned about the growing power of the Red Key Raiders, so with Malakili's help, the sheriff formed an alliance with a group of Tusken Raiders. Later, when Freetown was attacked by Red Key thugs, the Tusken Raiders arrived to help. Eventually, Malakili was reunited with Porcellus, the former head chef of Jabba's Palace. Together, they traveled to Mos Eisley and opened the Crystal Moon Restaurant.

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