Ithorian Jedi Master, sw0570


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Year released: 2014

Appears in set 75051-1, Jedi Scout Fighter


The Ithorians, commonly referred to as hammerheads, were a sentient species from the planet Ithor, though they also had at least one settlement on the planet Takobo, known as Hammertown. They had a unique set of twin mouths on opposite sides of their necks. They were called leathernecks as an insult by Imperial stormtroopers. Their unique throat structure prevented them from speaking Galactic Basic, although an Ithorian technician appeared to be able to speak it. There were a number of devices that allowed translation from Ithorese into Basic. The Ottegan species were a genetic offshoot of the Ithorians, and had a similar physiology.

The Ithorians were believed by many to be only peaceful gardeners and philosophers, but those who had encountered the bounty hunters Bulduga and Onca felt differently. For the most part, however, Ithorians were very peaceful, detesting violence, and were known for revering nature. Their own home planet of Ithor was held as sacred ground and hunting there was extremely prohibited. Ithorians could be found spread across the galaxy, even on planets devoid of vegetation such as Coruscant and Tatooine. This philosophy of respect for nature extended to funerary practices with the phrase "We Wither to Bloom" being found on Ithorian tombstones.

Jedi Master was a rank in the Jedi Order given to powerful Jedi, many of whom were leaders within the Order. Throughout the history of the Jedi, only Masters served on the Jedi High Council until Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi Knight, was appointed to the Order's highest governing body as a representative of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.

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