Heavy Metal, njo462



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Year released: 2018

Appears in sets 70654-1, Dieselnaut; 70655-1, Dragon Pit; 70653-1, Firstbourne


Faith, also known as Heavy Metal, is a Dragon Hunter who was Iron Baron's second-in-command. A revered warrior who wielded the Dragonbone Blade, Faith served Iron Baron for some time and went by the name of Heavy Metal—yet over time, her loyalty to his cause faded. When the Ninja and Wu wound up in the First Realm, Faith struck an alliance with them after learning Wu is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. Together, the group sought the Dragon Armor, as Faith recounted the legend of the First Spinjitzu Master. Eventually, the Dragon Hunters realized Faith's betrayal and captured her and the Ninja. Iron Baron forced Wu to take him to the Dragon Armor, and after Iron Baron was incapacitated by the Firstbourne, Wu reunited with the Ninja. Wu offered for Faith to return with them to Ninjago, but she opted to stay with the Hunters and help them carry on.

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