Ghost Ninja Attila, njo146


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Year released: 2015

Appears in sets 70732-1, City of Stiix; 70738-1, Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty; 891056-1, Ming foil pack; 70735-1, Ronin R.E.X. 


Ghost Ninja Attila is a minor antagonist in the fifth season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Even as a ghost, Attila is incredibly agile yet also graceful as well. Cunning and swift, he often lets his enemies take swings at him and struggle to take him down, just so he can avoid their moves and bring in some of his own. It is said his body seems to be made of liquid since he can move so smoothly and silently. Other ghosts have tried to take on his skills, but have all failed—making Attila one of a kind.

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