General Vex, njo523


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Year released: 2019

Appears in set 70678-1, Castle of the Forsaken Emperor; 70676-1, Lloyd's Titan Mech; 70673-1, Shuricopter


Vex, also known as Vex the Formless, is the former general of the Blizzard Samurai. He was a Formling who did not find his animal form, and thought himself to be mocked and looked down upon by his people. Due to this, he left the village, and after years of traveling in the wilderness, he eventually found Zane, who had been banished to the Never-Realm following a battle with Aspheera. When Zane attempted to reboot the Titan Mech, which had landed in the Realm with him, Vex pulled the plug and Zane lost his memories. Vex manipulated Zane into thinking that he was his loyal adviser and told him to conquer the Never-Realm. With the help of his "new partner," he got revenge by freezing the Formlings and plunged his realm into subjugation. Vex stood by the side of his "master," the Ice Emperor, as the Never-Realm fell underneath his control through his scheming manipulation of Zane. When Vex attempted to kill Lloyd, he said the word "protect," causing Zane to regain his memories, destroy his scepter, and freeze Vex. With the scepter destroyed, the Blizzard WarriorsGrimfax, and Vex returned to their human forms. Not long after, Vex was recognized as the true tyrant of the realm and was banished further into the outskirts of the Never-Realm.

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