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Year released: 2015

Appears in set 75104-1, Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle


Armitage Hux was a human male who served as a general in the military forces of the First Order during the New Republic Era. With the support of Supreme Leader Snoke, Hux took command of Starkiller Base and promoted the development of new technology that allowed the First Order fleet to track targets through hyperspace. However, Snoke's death ruined the young general's career trajectory, as did the years that Hux spent jockeying for power against his rival Kylo Ren, who seized control of the First Order as the new Supreme Leader.

Born on the planet Arkanis around the time of the Battle of Yavin, Hux was the illegitmate son of Commandant Brendol Hux, who fathered Armitage by a kitchen woman. In the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, Hux was sent into the Unknown Regions where the First Order rose seeking to reclaim the glory of the Galactic Empire. A ruthless officer by the time of the Cold War, Hux engineered the death of his father, oversaw the training and indoctrination of a new generation of stormtroopers, and ordered the firing of the Starkiller superweapon to destroy the New Republic capital of Hosnian Prime. During the war that ensued with the Resistance, Hux served as commanding officer of the Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy until its destruction shortly before the Battle of Crait.

Hux's influence was diminished by Ren's accession to the rank of Supreme Leader. Though he served on the Supreme Council alongside other members of the First Order High Command, Hux had little independent authority without supervision, and was made to serve below Allegiant General Enric Pryde. Hux was not content to sit in the shadow of Ren or Pryde. Therefore, he secretly turned against the First Order's interests by passing information to the Resistance, determined to see his rivals lose the war. When Pryde deduced that Hux was a spy, the Allegiant General executed his younger colleague for committing treason against the First Order.

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General Hux, sw0662

by LEGO®
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