Fantasy Era, Troll Warrior 10 (Orc), cas427

Fantasy Era, Troll Warrior 10 (Orc), cas427

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Atlanta Brick Co. Fantasy Era, Troll Warrior 10 (Orc), cas427

Year released: 2009

Appears in set 852701-1 Battle Pack Troll Warriors blister pack


The trolls are in possession of an extensive array of siege engines and even a large ship. There are two main versions of trolls: the smaller Troll Warriors and the Giant Trolls. The trolls' main adversaries are the Crown Knights and the Dwarves. They were hired by the Evil Wizard to help attack the Crown Knights. They were employed as foot soldiers. In return, they were promised the King's gold. The trolls started to attack the Crown Knights about a year after the attack of the skeletons. Troll Warriors are cowards (unless accompanied by a Giant Troll) and are not too bright, but they are really strong.

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