Fang-Suei, njo036


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Year released: 2012

Appears in sets 9455-1, Fangpyre Mech; 9567-1, Fang-Suei; 9443-1, Rattlecopter


Fang-Suei is a Soldier-ranked Serpentine from the Fangpyre tribe. After the Serpentine defeat in the Serpentine Wars, he was locked in a tomb with the rest of the Fangpyre until he was freed by Lloyd. Apparently, Fang-Suei is the strongest Soldier in the Fangpyre tribe, but his constant hunger makes him highly dangerous in non-combat situations. He once bit Fangdam after mistaking him for a "desert slug" in the middle of a battle, causing the Warrior to grow a second head.

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