Emmet, tlm125


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Year released: 2019

Appears in sets 70829-1, Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy!; 471905-1, Emmet foil pack; 853874-1, Emmet Pod blister pack; 70832-1, Emmet's Builder Box!; 70823-1, Emmet's Thricycle!; 30529-1 Mini Master-Building Emmet polybag; 853865-1, The LEGO Movie 2 Accessory Set blister pack; 70840-1, Welcome to Apocalypseburg!


Emmet Joseph Brickowski is the main protagonist of The Lego Movie. He is a construction worker chosen by the prophecy to find the Piece of Resistance to save the Lego World as "The Special" and stop the evil Lord Business. Wyldstyle, who helped him defeat Lord Business, becomes his girlfriend at the end of the original film. In the second film, Emmet must use his Master Builder skills to save his friends from a new danger.

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