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These Digit Cubes feature a letter of your choice in the timeless typeface inspired by early Ikarus computer-aided design. You can either make up simple words like ‘HELLO’, use them as pencil pots or even for candy. They are ideal for any room or office to store whatever you want: LEGO parts, jewelry, your toothbrush, teeth, gizmo, whatsit, weirdo stuff, itsy-bitsy spiders to frighten the girl next door… – or just build up funny messages in the background to express your mood while you’re having video calls. The cubes also make a great, personal gift to those having a passion for black and white interiors. Every cube is built of new and genuine LEGO parts.

  • 26 different letters (from A to Z)
  • Comes with url link for instructions, physical instructions not provided
  • New and Genuine LEGO parts
  • Easy to make up words
  • Great personalized gift for typography obsessed people with a passion for black and white interiors
  • Multifunctional storage box, wide application range. It can store various specifications of items, including: stationery, cosmetics, small accessories, sundries, candys, bugs…
  • Perfectly fits into a minimal and clean desk setup

Digit Cubes - Single Letters

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