Deluxe M4 Sherman Us WW2 Tank

Battle Brick

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This sale if for the M4 Sherman Tank- Battle Brick Custom Set made with REAL LEGO® Bricks and 94 Custom ABS tread links


This set measures 5.65 inches long and 2.8 inches wide and is made of over 278 hand-sorted NEW LEGO® Bricks , 94 custom tread links, and two minifigures.

Set comes in a box with the Battle Brick Logo and includes step-by-step printed instructions.

Tank includes:

  •  Main turret hatch, driver hatches, engine compartment/ interior hatch
  • Roof designed to be removed for easy access to the interior
  • Fully rotating turret with adjustable gun mount
  • Seating for two minifigures including driver and gunner/commander (2 Minifigures included)
  • Basic interior includes drivers position, steering wheel and shifter
  • Custom Brickarms machine gun
  • Sleek Design
  • Set comes in a box with bag containing hand sorted parts