Cyrus Borg, njo088


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Year released: 2014

Appears in set 70722-1, OverBorg Attack


Dr. Cyrus Borg is the head of Borg Industries. Inspired by Dr. Julien's brilliant expertise, Borg built the Nindroids as a means of defending Ninjago and commencing a more advanced future. During the Nindroid Conflict, Borg was threatened by The Overlord's consciousness and corrupted into a semi-mechanical entity, which The Overlord took possession of for some time. Borg was later saved by the Ninja, who used some of his technology in the ensuing chaos. Following the supposed demise of Zane, Borg commemorated the fallen Ninja and began to realize that technology wasn't the answer for Ninjago's problems. Over the years, Borg remained a loyal ally of the Ninja and witnessed such events as the Second Serpentine War and Morro's struggle with the Ninja. During this time, Borg produced several vehicles for the Ninja to use against Morro and his cursed allies. After the Time Twins returned to Ninjago, they captured Cyrus Borg and forced him to build an apparatus capable of traveling through time. Though Borg succeeded, the Ninja ultimately thwarted the Twins' plans, though Master Wu was lost as a result.

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