Chief Chirpa, sw0236


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Year released: 2009-2013

Appears in set 10236-1, Ewok Village; 8038-1, The Battle of Endor


Chirpa was a male Ewok who served as the chief of the Council of Elders and Ewok tribe that lived in Bright Tree Village on the forest moon of Endor. During the Battle of Endor, he allowed a Rebel strike team, led by General Han Solo, to become part of the tribe. The Ewoks also agreed to help the Rebels on their mission to destroy the generator powering the second Death Star's deflector shield. Chirpa was also married to Ra-Lee and had a daughter named Kneesaa.

After his father Buzza, served as chief, he gave his son the throne and Chirpa served for 42 seasons before the Battle of Endor which he was succeeded as Chief of the tribe by Kneesaa.

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