Bulk Lego(R) Bionicle & Hero Factory Parts


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You get an assortment of random Lego(R) Bionicle & Hero Factory parts. An average, there are roughly 75% Bionicle parts and 25% Hero Factory parts. However, all parts are compatible with other Lego(R) pieces and each other. Masks are the most popular so we make sure to include at least 1 Bionicle masks in every half pound. So if you order one pound you will get at least 2 masks and if you order 3 pounds you will get at least 6 masks. All parts are clean, coming straight from our washing/drying process to their packaging. We do our best to go through all of the pieces to make sure their are no defects or non-Lego(R) pieces but some may slip through the cracks so we always include a little extra in every order. 

1/2 lb is $29.99

1 lb is $39.99

2 lbs is $69.99

3 lbs is $89.99