Bulk Lego (R) Plants, Grass, Trees, Leaves, Flowers



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In our Bulk Lego(R) Plants, Grass, Trees, Leaves & Flowers packages you will get random pieces very similar to what is shown in the picture. They are pre-owned parts in good condition that have been washed and dried. We pack them directly from the washing & drying process into their bulk shipping packages. We do our best to discard any non-Lego(R) pieces or damaged pieces, however, we do make mistakes so a few random pieces may appear in your order. We do give you extra to offset this. 

Bulk prices are:

1 ounce is approximately 30-40 pieces and is $9.99.

2 ounces is roughly 60-75 pieces and is $15.99.

A quarter pound is roughly 125-150 pieces and is $24.99.

A half pound is roughly 250-300 pieces and is $36.99.

One pound is approximately 500-600 pieces and is $54.99.

Looking for specific Lego(R) Parts? Call our store at 470-414-2208 to see what is in stock. Thank you!