*Signed!* Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite - New York Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive, 41498


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Lego (R) Star Wars Set, Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite - New York Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive 41498!

Awesome Lego (R) Star Wars Set! This is a New York Comic-Con Exclusive! It was only available at the Comic-Con in limited stock! This particular one is super special because it was signed by the set designer, Marcos Bessa!

We have different listings for set condition, these will vary in price, but will all be complete! 

-New Sealed means that all bags are sealed in box, sometimes the box seals have been worn off or opened to insure that all bags are sealed, these are still considered New Sealed. You can call to verify the box seals at 470-414-2208!

-Newish means that about half of the original bags are sealed, the ones that have been opened will be inventoried to insure the set is complete! These sets will come in original box.

-Certified Pre-Owned with box means that the set has been opened and inventoried to insure completeness. The set will be bagged by color instead of the original bags. The set will be 100% complete with the original box!

-Certified Pre-Owned without box is the same as above, 100% complete, the only difference is that the set will not have the original box, it will be in a plastic box.

Box condition may vary showing some shelf wear, to get the box condition you want call 470-414-2208. Some sets might have opened seals to insure the set is complete.