Blizzard Warrior/Samurai, njo518


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Year released: 2019

Appears in sets 70671-1, Lloyd's Journey; 70676-1, Lloyd's Titan Mech; 70684-1, Spinjitzu Slam- Kai vs. Samurai


The Blizzard Warriors are humans that were corrupted and became members of the Blizzard Samurai. The highest-ranking Blizzard Warrior is known as Grimfax. After the Ice Emperor redeemed himself by destroying his scepter, the Blizzard Warriors were free from their corruption and serve Grimfax once again.

The Blizzard Samurai, also known as the Ice Samurai, were a group of inhuman warriors who served the Ice Emperor and commanded by General Vex. They lived in the Never-Realm.

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