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Brick Modified part #71772pb01 is used as a plate in dark bluish gray in LEGO® sets:

60292 - Town Center

60306 - Shopping Street

60329 - School Day

60304 - Road Plates

Color: Dark Bluish Gray 

Our baseplates are sold as pre-owned baseplates, however, they are in good condition with no visible flaws unless otherwise mentioned. The only flaws our pre-owned baseplates usually show are micro-scratches on the bottoms of the baseplates. We wash our baseplates in a dishwasher and when they dry, water spots may show on them but they can be wiped off. 

If you are looking for any baseplates or LEGO® items you do not see on our website, call our store at 470-414-2208 to see what is in stock. Thank you!

8x16x2/3 Brick Modified Road Plate with Crosswalk Pattern (71772pb01)

by LEGO®
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