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Set #60237 includes one curve road baseplate and one crossroads road baseplate. The 32 stud by 32 stud Lego(R) Baseplates are 10"x10" in diameter and has a flat bottom so it can light flat on a hard surface.

This set is brand new and is sealed.  -New Sealed means that all bags are sealed in box, sometimes the box seals have been worn off or opened to ensure that all bags are sealed, these are still considered New Sealed. You can call to verify the box seals at 470-414-2208!

If you are looking for any baseplates that you do not see on our website, call the store at 470-414-2208 and see what we have in stock!

60237 32x32 Curve and Crossroad Lego® Baseplates

by LEGO®
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