32x32 Raised Baseplate Crater Plate Underwater Pattern 3947bpx1 Lego (R)


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This Baseplate appeared in Lego(R) Set:

6190 Shark's Crystal Cave Circa 1996

It is 32 studs by 32 studs by 2 studs high, which is 10" x 10" in diameter. It is item #3947bpx1.

Our vintage baseplates are pre-owned but in good, functional condition. We offer our baseplates in 3 different conditions, 1) Very Good, 2) Decent, and 3) Playtoy

1) Very Good - Baseplate was used very little if at all and has few to no visible flaws. Only visible flaws may be micro-scratches on bottom. This is a collectors item.

2) Decent - Baseplate has minor scuffs & scratches, maybe slight stress marks, still considered a collectible.

3) Playtoy - Baseplate may be discolored, have a chipped corner, crack or hole in it but is still very functional.

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