Selling and/or Trading Terms

We are not required to pay any set price for Lego(R). We pay fair prices based on fair market value but also have to take into consideration our overhead which includes but is not limited to processing, cleaning and shipping costs. If you send us your Lego(R) without getting a quote, we will send you what we determine to be a fair value for it and we are not responsible for holding it or shipping it back to you if you are not happy with how much you get for it. If you would like a quote before sending us your Lego(R) that is perfectly fine. Quotes are rough estimates based on the information provided and our interpretation of what has been presented to us. If we receive something and it was not quite as described the quoted value can be less. The trade value/store credit you receive for something is typically twice that of the cash value we are willing to pay. We are always happy to give you more value for your Lego(R) in trade/store credit than cash. In order to do sell or trade through the mail, you must be at least 18 years old or have an adult do it for you.

Here is some information we have learned throughout the years that may give you some insight into how much money you can receive for your Lego(R).

We typically pay half of fair market prices for Lego(R) sets. Whether it is a brand new sealed set, complete previously built set or incomplete set. Sometimes incomplete sets are missing too many pieces for us to complete so we have to consider it bulk. 

We typically pay $1-$10 per pound for bulk Lego(R) depending on what is in it and the condition. Most bulk Lego(R) lots we buy have non-Lego(R) pieces in it such as clone brands of building blocks, action figures, Hot Wheels cars, Nerf Darts and just plain garbage. This is all ok because we price it accordingly and have to sort and wash it regardless so it is often best to leave things in the Lego(R) collection than to take it out because sometimes it may be hard to identify actual Lego(R) pieces or not and we don't want you throwing anything good out!

Many people believe they have complete sets when their Lego(R) is thrown in a bin where they are all mixed together. It is not usually worth anyone's time to dig through a bin of Lego(R) and try to find all the pieces to complete sets. Some people do it as a therapeutic hobby but you would go broke trying to dig through Lego(R) bins and complete sets if you were a business because the time it takes is not justifiable.

Any used set is rarely complete. A complete set includes stickers placed properly, minifigures, instructions, and of course all of its correct pieces accounted for and in good condition. Market prices that you see online for complete sets can be higher because it is being sold as a complete set. Once it is missing pieces the value of the set goes down. Lego(R) is like a puzzle, it is hard to put it together when you are missing pieces and it can be quite costly and time consuming to find and replace the missing pieces. Lego(R) set values are similar to car values as well. Once you use it the value drops dramatically and continues to go down the more it is used. Condition can be very important when determining price.