Adult Team Building Workshops

Workshops are facilitated by a Lego® Master Builder and are so fun that your team members will not realize they are developing a multitude of skills such as creativity, teamwork, leadership, stress relief, directions, engineering, motor skills, quick, critical and strategic thinking.
Activities are 15 minutes to one hour each. We recommend two to three activities and one to four hours of total time. We can choose activities based on theme or your organization’s objectives. We can also design activities to meet your specific needs. We offer take-home souvenirs for team members or team built custom models/Logos for your work-space at an additional charge. We bring all Lego® and required materials to you or you can bring your team to our facility in Newnan, GA. Pricing ranges from $20 to $50 per team member depending on group size and time.
Activities include but are not limited to:
Angry Birds
Defend the Castle
Tower Building
Bridge Building
Creative Building
Speed Building
Blaster Battles with Nerf style guns made out of Lego®
Robot Battles with Lego® Mindstorms
Custom Mosaic or Logo Build
Race Cars
Blind Building
For more information please contact Chris Cott at 404-217-3684,