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Year released: 2015-2016

Appears in sets 75083-1, AT-DP; 75130-1, AT-DP

Imperial combat drivers were the elite ground-vehicle pilots of the Galactic Empire's Army. Standard combat drivers were trained to handle everything in the Imperial ground arsenal, including 614-AvA speeder bikes, Imperial Troop Transports, and various type of walkers like the All Terrain Defense Pod. They also flew Imperial LAAT/le gunships.

Several assault vehicles used by the Empire boasted a specialized corps of drivers. Such corps included AT-AT pilots driving All Terrain Armored Transportstank operators piloting TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tanks, and AT-ST drivers operating All Terrain Scout Transports. However, members of all corps were qualified to operate All Terrain Armored Cargo Transports, since they were not technically designated battlefield assault vehicles. Despite this, they still had a specialised driver group. AT-AT pilots saw themselves as the elite among the elite.

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AT-DP Pilot, sw0624

by LEGO®
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