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Our Medium car base is perfect for camps, educational groups, schools, scouts, team building exercises, etc. You get instructions on how to build along with all the pieces required to make the car base: 4 matching wheels, 4 matching tires, 2 color matching technic bricks for the frame,  large plate for the top and either pins or axles to connect the wheels depending on which option you choose. Pins and axles work about the same and roll equally fast. These car bases are designed to roll freely down a ramp or when pushed and are meant to be just the base or blank slate for a car. Users are meant to build on top of them to customize their own car. Bulk Lego(R) can be bought from us separately on our website and is perfect for group events or individual builders. 

The Medium car base measures approximately 4" long x 3.5" wide. Colors may vary on all pieces in this kit. Colors are packed randomly. If you would prefer any specific colors, please include a note at checkout, however, we may not have certain colors available.

Click here to view our bulk Lego(R) options: https://atlbrick.com/products/random-bulk-lego-bricks-sold-by-the-pound


Medium Car Base Building Kit

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