Random bulk LEGO® pieces: Sold by the pound.

Random bulk LEGO® pieces: Sold by the pound.

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Atlanta Brick Co. Random bulk LEGO® pieces: Sold by the pound.

 Random bulk LEGO® pieces straight from our washing & drying proces!

All the LEGO® has been thoroughly washed in our front-load washing machine. Once dry, we take the LEGO® straight from our laundry bags and put directly into the shipping containers.  We try our best to discard poor condition pieces, however, some may sneak through. You may get some poor condition pieces in your order. 

We try our best to sort out the non-LEGO® pieces but there are usually a few that sneak by, there may be a few non-LEGO® pieces in your order.

There should not be any minifigures or minifigure accessories in these pieces, just random pieces.

Order any size from 1-10 pounds. 10 lbs order are usually shipped in a 12"x12"x8" USPS Priority Mail Large shipping box and it fills the entire box up.

Item sizes and prices are-

1 lb for $14.99

2 lbs for $26.99

3 lbs for $37.99

4 lbs for $46.99

5 lbs for $56.99

6 lbs for $64.99

8 lbs for $84.99

10 lbs for $99.99

The more you buy the more you save!

For more on how we wash our Lego, check out our Blog post on how we wash Lego:

How we wash Lego – Atlanta Brick Co (atlbrick.com)


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About our Parts

We sell new and used LEGO® parts. We only sell LEGO® parts in good condition unless otherwise noted. We are huge LEGO® fans and builders and we take great care in making sure our customers are getting what they expect when they are buying parts from us. If you are buying a part from us that is not titled as “New”, there is a chance that it is used, however, it will be in good condition. If you need new parts only and want to confirm you are getting only new parts, please send us a message or call us at 470-414-2208 and ask us to confirm. If we do have condition variants available for our parts, the descriptions for the condition variants are listed below:

Very Good – this condition variant may be new or used but either way it will be in very good, like new, collector’s quality condition. This is our default variant if a part is not otherwise noted.

Decent – this condition variant is in good condition but may show a sign of use such as slight marks or scratches.

Playtoy – this condition variant is functional but does not hold much collector’s value due to its condition. We do not sell parts that are in bad or gross condition.

Electronics will all be in working condition unless otherwise noted.

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