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How to sell Lego

How to sell Lego

How to sell Lego?

Where can I sell Lego?

Do you buy Lego?


We get these questions every day and we buy Lego every day. Selling stuff can be annoying and confrontational so we have tried to make the selling experience easy on you. We buy any and all Lego products. Whether it’s a bin(s) of mixed up, bulk Lego pieces or built Lego sets or sealed, never opened Lego boxes, we buy it all. We even buy Lego storage containers and other oddball Lego items. Size does not matter, we will buy your small bin of Lego or your house or truckload full of Lego. Lego takes a lot of time to organize, sort, build, clean, etc. and it is usually not worth anyone’s time to do it in order to sell it and get more money, so my advice is to sell us your Lego exactly as it is and do not waste your time trying to fix it up, sort it, or clean it. If your Lego sets are already built and sorted, it is best to try to keep them built and sorted. A good way to transport built Lego sets is to put them each in their own Walmart style shopping bag so that if pieces do fall off of it, they are at least still in the bag with the set. It is also good to try to include anything Lego that you might have, such as instruction books, original boxes, containers, minifigures, etc. If you can bring your Lego in to our retail storefront location to sell it to us, that would be super awesome, however, if it is too much for you to transport, we can come pick it up from you. If you are too far away, you can ship us your Lego through the mail and we will pay for the shipping by sending you a pre-paid shipping label from either USPS or UPS. We do not use FedEx. To ship us your Lego and get a prepaid shipping label, fill out our selling/trading form: Selling or Trading – Atlanta Brick Co (atlbrick.com)

If you would like a quote from us before bringing your Lego in to the store or shipping it to us, you can fill out our online selling/trading form at Selling or Trading – Atlanta Brick Co (atlbrick.com)

When bringing your Lego in to our store to sell, we would love to help you bring it in from your car, just ask one of our employees at the front counter.

Do you have something remarkable to sell or do you just want to get on YouTube? Let us know ahead of time and we will record your selling experience and make a YouTube video about it for our channel, Atlanta Brick Co Tv, Atlanta Brick Co TV (atlbrick.com)

What do we do with the Lego once we buy it from you?

Good question! We are one of the world’s largest building brick toy stores. We are not a Lego retailer so we depend on totally awesome people like you to supply us with our Lego products and we really appreciate it so thank you! We sort bulk Lego and take out all the non-Lego objects then we wash it. Check out how we wash bulk Lego here: How we wash Lego – Atlanta Brick Co (atlbrick.com) We dump our sorted and cleaned bulk Lego on our pick-a-brick table in our retail storefront so customers can come in and find all the Lego pieces they need. We also sell it online at one of the best prices you can find on the internet. We sell to many institutions such as schools and non-profit organizations. We also rent out our bulk Lego for special events, charities and fundraising events. If we buy built sets from you and they are good enough to sell as is in our glass display cases, we just clean them up, fix them up if needed and put them out for sale. We have many customers who love to buy already built sets. We may take the set and inventory it, match it up with its original box and missing pieces, repackage it and sell it as one of our Certified Pre-owned Lego Sets. We take great pride in our Certified Pre-owned Lego sets and try to make them like-new for customers who may want the set but do not want to pay the new, sealed price for them. We may also use your Lego to complete sets that we were missing pieces for. If your Lego is already sorted by part type, we will clean it and put it on our sorted parts wall so that when our customers come in looking for that one missing Lego piece, we can give it to them! If you are selling us sealed sets, than that is the best thing ever. Since we are not an official Lego retailer, we have a hard time getting sealed sets to sell in our store so we really appreciate getting to buy sealed sets from you.

Have questions? Just call us at 470-414-2208 or contact us through one of the many ways of contacting businesses these days, facebook, email info@atlbrick.com youtube, Instagram, our website chat line, etc.


Written by Chris Cott, CEO of Atlanta Brick Co

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