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Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Atlanta Brick Co Buyers Guide

Even for experienced Lego enthusiasts, Lego can be complicated and confusing to buy on the Internet. We love Lego here at Atlanta Brick Co and we sell it like we love it. We want it to be very clear what our customers are getting so that you are happy with your purchase and come back and buy from us again. Lego has made over 18k different sets and 74k different pieces. This Buyers Guide sets out to help you navigate Atlanta Brick Co's website so that you can find what you are looking for with as little dissonance as possible. With any of our products, if it is out of stock, you can click the button to choose to be notified via email when we put it back in stock. Lets make one thing clear, we do not sell fake or counterfeit Lego. We are massive Lego fans & enthusiasts and have turned it into a career. We love Lego too much to sell knock-off products. We do sell good quality 3rd party Lego products that Lego does not make themselves like certain minifigure accessories such as BrickArms & BigKidBrix. We also sell custom made Lego sets & minifigures that are made with real Lego parts. In this guide, we break down our products by A) Sets, B) Minifigures, C) Animals, D) Parts, E) Gear F) 3rd Party Accessories.

A) Sets 

We currently offer Lego sets in 5 different variants on our website.

1) New Sealed means that all bags are sealed in box, sometimes the box seals have been worn off or opened to ensure that all bags are sealed, these are still considered New Sealed. You can call to verify the box seals at 470-414-2208!

2) Newish means that at least half of the original bags are sealed, the ones that have been opened have been inventoried to ensure the set is complete! Any parts that have been opened are in good, collectible condition. These sets will come in original box.

3) Certified Pre-Owned with box means that the set has been opened and inventoried to ensure completeness. The set will be bagged by color instead of the original bags. All parts are in good, collectible condition. The set will be 100% complete with the original box!

4) Certified Pre-Owned without box is the same as above, 100% complete, the only difference is that the set will not have the original box, it will be in a plastic box. All parts in are in good, collectible condition.

5) Pre-owned, As-is sets with instructions but without minifigures or animals are sold as-is and are priced accordingly. The set will be shipped in whatever condition we have it in, which means it may be fully built, partially built, or disassembled. We will not disassemble a set for you if it is built. As-is sets will not include minifigures, animals or their accessories and will not come with its original box. The set will be in good, clean condition, however, it may not have all of its pieces. We only list sets online for sale that look good and most complete, however, it may be missing parts. Photos on our website are stock photos and are not the product you will receive. These sets may be a project and you may need to source replacement or missing pieces, this is reflected in the price. Many customers really enjoy getting these sets because they get great pieces to add to their collection, however, if you are looking for a set to build from start to finish, this may not be the set for you. If you have any questions, please call us at 470-414-2208!

We also offer Exclusive sets and 3rd Party Lego sets. Our exclusive sets we make ourselves here at Atlanta Brick Co. They are made with real Lego parts and come with everything you need to build the kit including printed instructions. 3rd Party Lego sets are the sets we offer that other companies have made such as Battle Brick Customs and our Light Kits which are assembled by companies other than Lego. With the exception of some of the more complicated lighting kits, the 3rd Party sets are also made with real Lego pieces. We do not like non-Lego pieces and try not to sell it!

B) Lego Minifigures are very collectible and we absolutely love them! We invest a lot of resources into making sure they are in good, collectible condition before we sell them. For more on how we check minifigure condition, read our Blog Post. Unless otherwise noted, all of our Lego Minifigures we sell are in good, collectible condition. Sometimes customers do want more affordable options so if we do sell used or imperfect minifigures, our website listing will make it clear that it is a used condition minifigure. Although we do use stock photos, minifigures are sold as pictured on our website. If a minifigure is pictured with their accessory than you will get the accessory with the minifigure. If a minifigure does not have an accessory in the picture, you will have to buy the accessory separately. We also sell custom minifigures. We only sell custom minifigures that are made out of real Lego parts. 

C) Lego Animals and creatures are very similar to minifigures and the above description of minifigures all applies to animals as well. Lego animals have become very collectible so we have to make sure they are in good condition if we are going to sell them. 

D) Lego Parts & Pieces - We get a lot of customers asking us if we can fill parts lists for them. The short answer is yes, but we do not recommend paying us to fill your parts list. Your best option is to create a wanted list on Bricklink and fill your parts list from various Bricklink stores. If we have to fill a parts list for you, we will have to create the wanted list on Bricklink, search for the parts in our inventory, then order any parts we cannot find. If you have to pay us to do all of this work, then you will end up paying at least 3 times more for your parts than if you order them from Bricklink properly. We do sell Lego parts on our website and plan on adding hundreds of thousands more parts soon. We currently sell many different types of bulk parts and more rare pieces such as non-production or Q parts, plants, rocks, electronics & more. Keep coming back and checking to see if we have uploaded our individual parts inventory to our website, as of right now, we plan on doing this in the first quarter of 2023!

E) Gear - We sell lots of different types of Gear. This ranges from Display Cases, T-shirts, Watches, Mugs, Coasters, etc. We have a DTG printer so we print can print our own high-quality T-shirts & Hoodies. We have a very large selection of vintage Lego watches from the 90's that are totally awesome and make the perfect gift for any Lego fan, especially the Lego fan who thinks they have everything! We are always adding new gear and T-Shirt designs so keep checking back for more cool stuff!

F) Third Party Products - These include BrickArms, BigKidBrix, Lighting Kits, Custom Military kits & minifigures, etc. Third party products are made by companies other than Lego and they exist because they are making products that Lego does not make. There are a lot of third parties out there and many of them are not very good quality. We only carry good quality 3rd party products which in many cases are produced in the USA but not always. We do not sell fake or counterfeit Lego. The only custom minifigures we sell are made of real Lego parts.





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