Ghost Warrior Cowler, njo141


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Year released: 2015

Appears in sets 70733-1, Blaster Bike; 70730-1, Chain Cycle Ambush; 70732-1, City of Stiix; 30294-1, The Cowler Dragon polybag


Ghost Warrior Cowler was a Ghost Warrior from the Cursed Realm. Like many of the other ghosts, Cowler was just as interested in frightening his foes as he was in defeating them. As the years went on with him imprisoned in the Cursed Realm, Cowler found ways to keep himself occupied. Perhaps his most notable trick was to imitate the voice of someone's friend to lure them into a trap—something he found humorous while imprisoned but a helpful technique when released from his confinement. Sometimes, he would even imitate Morro's voice to play tricks on the other ghosts. It wasn't until Wrayth had a "long talk" with him that he decided to do otherwise. Cowler was among the many ghosts released from the Cursed Realm by Morro. He would go on to fight the Ninja and eventually participate in the Battle of Stiix when the Preeminent was freed. Once Nya unlocked her True Potential, she drowned The Preeminent and destroyed the Cursed Realm, along with Cowler.

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