Ella, frnd026


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Ella frnd026

Found in set 3185 Summer Riding Camp

Released in 2012



All About Ella:

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Green

Favorite Color: Lilac

Favorite Food: Veggie Burger

Hobbies: Making ceramics, computer animation, horseback riding

Favorite Animal: Champion the horse


Fun-loving Ella might be the queen of practical jokes at Heartlake Stables, but she takes horseback riding seriously. She never misses Summer Riding Camp and always listens to what Theresa teaches her. Once Ella and her best friend Katharina switched the salt and sugar in the school cafeteria. Poor Olivia put salt in her tea. Ella has a special bond with energetic Champion, who jokes around, like Ella. Ella not only loves riding her, but also enjoys grooming her and feeding her carrots.


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