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Tales of magical creatures, ancient myths, and generations of folklore are the inspiration behind BrickForge Fantasy Accessory Packs!  Immerse your tinyfigs in a new age of visual splendor with these fantastical elements! LOOT! It’s why we quest, it’s why we crush Raskasha skulls. Time to hang up the sword, sit back and and space out to a bunch of shiny baubles. Think of all the rounds you can buy at the local inn, think of all the friends you can make, think of all those piercing, greedy eyes….. be burying this cache before we fall asleep!
- Square Bottle (Bronze)
- Round Bottle (Silver)
- Potion Bottle (Gold)
- Flask (Steel)
- Gemstone (Trans Bright Green)
- Cup (Trans Red)
- Broken Bottle (Bronze)
- Metal Ingot (Steel)
- Chalice (Silver)
- Sai (Trans Orange)
- Hook Sword (Gold w/ silver blade)