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Reenact epic battles from a time long ago with BrickForge Historical Accessory Packs! Iconic, detailed armor & weaponry straight out of the pages of history - ideal for equipping your favorite hero or an entire battalion of troops. Back then life in the entertainment industry was cutthroat. As a Gladiator If you weren't 'damnati ad gladium' (condemed to death by fighting) there was a slim chance you could earn your freedom by pleasing the crowd and impressing the local magistrate. To survive you would need to suit up with a host of accessories; each of them with their own advantage based on your learned discipline.

- Gladiator Helmet
- Gladiator Mask
- Military Shield
- Bandolier
- Pauldron
- Scourge
- Spiked Mace
- Khopesh
- Trident