Battle Brick Black Ops HUMVEE

Battle Brick


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This Set Contains Over 140 Pieces And 2 black ops soldiers with custom printed "ghost" faces!

This Custom Battle Humvee Set Comes In A Box Fully Loaded With:

    • Seating For Up To 6 Mini-Figures (4 In Cab, 1 In Back, one in the turret)- Please note the 4 figures in the cab need their vests removed to fit.
    • 2 Special Forces "Black Ops" soldiers with tactical vests, MP5a5, M4 carbine, helmet with night vision goggles.
    • Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • 1 MK19 Grenade Launcher
    • 2 Machine Guns
    • Mini-Figure Controls For Driver
    • Removable Roof For Easy Access To Interior
    • High Wheel Base For Rough Terrain
    • Step-by-step printed building instructions